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All prices include domestic shipping. International is welcome additional shipping fees apply. All perfumes have been stored in a wooden apothecary cabinet
in a dark, cool area of my home. Non-smoking home. Clean Items.
I ship buble wrapped items in a bubble mailer, USPS with tracking. Any total over $50 will be insured.

*SOLD* Boomslang V2 (full, unused, aged)
*pending* $25 Ligeia Blacker Than The Raven Wings of Midnight (full, unused) The scent of Ligeia reborn: black tea leaf fougere with black sandalwood, opalescent vanilla, osmanthus, 18-year aged Indonesian patchouli, and the suggestion of ancient incense smoke.
$15 Haunted (never used, wandcapped, aged for a little over a year) A mournful, poignant scent, thick with foreboding. Soft golden amber darkened with a touch of murky black musk.

$20 Black Crystalline Black Fig (brand new, unused)
$20 Black Crystal Candy Apple (brand new, unused)
$18 SL Eternal Ankh Anniversary (brand new, unused)
$15 Summer Tea Service Vanilla Honey (brand new, unused)
$15 Summer Tea Service Blueberry Vanilla Spice (brand new, unused)
$15 Summer Tea Service Dragon Spice (brand new, unused)
*pending* $18 Midnight Sundicate Under The Big Top (brand new, unused)

~Blooddrop~ $12 each
Misfortune (brand new, unused) Vanilla tea darkened with anise.
Elegy (brand new, unused) A lamentation for the dead in scent. Ceremonial musk, Indian sandalwood, Somalian myrrh, sweetened clove, tea rose, vanilla, and American lavender.
Ankou (brand new, unused) The Breton personification of death. Dry amber, black musk, soft Autumn spices, Somalian myrrh, labdanum, Bourbon vanilla, and lavender.
Kittens & Pumpkins (brand new, unused) Adorable soft powder and bedtime notes playfully blended with pumpkin muffins and spiced apples.
Pumpkin Musk (brand new, unused) Rich pumpkin spices, amber, a blend of black musks, wood notes, myrrh, patchouli, and sweet clementine.

$12 - Cherry Cola Roll-On Perfume Oil (brand new, unused) Cherry Cola- another delicious and refreshing cola's! This one with realistic sweet maraschino cherry syrup!
$19 shipped - Forever Butter Rich Cream (opened to sniff, unused) Forever~ Come Play With Us~ 2014 redux: This is a heavy on the Dragons Blood, Amber and Frankincense resin, deep blood red oil concoction. (cream does not have red color like perfume oil does)

~Solstice Scents) $12 each
*pending* Loggia (tested once) Loggia: A Blend of Mahogany, Amber, Musk, Vanilla Bean, Allspice, Cardamom, Black Pepper & Sandalwood.

Terra Chakra Roll-On in Cedarwood essential oil (has snokflake obsidian stones in bottle) full, $8


All sold....



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